First things first and ALWAYS...Safety, Safety, Safety...Always.  Keep your finger of the trigger until you have your front sight on target and are ready to engage the target....Never ever...

CCW Basic 

This course will provide to you (upon passing the course) your Certificate of Completion to present to the sheriff’s office for the process of obtaining your Concealed Carry Permit. It will provide you with the knowledge of gun handling safety, care and maintenance of your firearm, basic understanding of pistols, the mechanics of the firearm, how to differentiate between different calibers, and how ammunition works and the science behind it.

You will learn the triangle of pistol shooting, the proper stance and grip, how to use the sights, trigger control and follow-through, and how to safely clear a malfunction of your firearm. You will be introduced to the tactical mindset, exposure and familiarization of shooting self defense rounds including; 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45ACP.

At the end of the formal CCW course, you will have an opportunity to try out your new skills. We will conduct a 45 minute familiarization shoot at the range. If you are interested in shooting a firearm you own or would be interested in exposure of a different caliber gun (9mm, 40 S&W, and/or 45ACP) you may bring your pistol and ammunition for use at the range. Alternatively, you may try out one of the pistols we have on hand (ammunition is not supplied, but may be purcahsed at the range). Students are required to provide their own protective gear for EYES and EARS for the Course.

Course fee: $125

Intermediate Pistol

Things you will need to bring:

  • yourself with a good attitude
  • your handgun 750 rounds of ammunition, 5 magazines, and your personal handgun
  • plenty of water and a lunch

The objectives of this course are as follows:

  • refining your accuracy with an emphasis on sight alignment and Trigger control
  • ready up drills which will combine site alignment, trigger control, and then placing rounds on target
  • drawing from the holster and concealment/once that skill has been learned you will be taught how to combine drawing from both positions and put rounds ON TARGET in a fast and fluid fashion
  • multiple Target engagements-you will be taught of how to fluidly draw your pistol and engage multiple threats

Course duration will be 5 hours with a one hour break for lunch

Course fee: $100

Advanced Pistol

Things to bring:

  • Yourself and a good attitude
  • 1000 rounds of ammunition, 5 magazines, and your personal handgun
  • Lunch and plenty of water

Course Objectives:

  • Rapid target engagement refinement
  • Shooting from different positions: standing, kneeling laying down, from cover, around corners
  • Shooting on the move, you will learn how to “run and gun”
  • How to “pie the corner” and engage threats while entering a structure etc…
  • Shooting under extreme stress in a chaotic environment
Course duration will be 6 hours with a one hour break for lunch

Course fee: $125

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