Introduction to Rifle Use

In this basic rifle course, we will begin as we do with all 15 tactical Training, with safety. Bring an open mind and your unloaded (with no ammo) rifle to class. The course will delve into a brief history of rifles, the second amendment and what the founding fathers has in mind when authoring it. We will then go into the different modern rifle types and nomenclature, in which time you will learn your personal rifle, how to safely operate it, clean it, and store it. We will then give you options on how to set your gun up and also where to buy the products we recommend. We will cap off the course with w trip to the range and you will be able to learn basic marksmanship.

Course fee: $75

Intermediate Rifle

Things you will need to bring:

  • Yourself with a good attitude
  • Your rifle, 750 rounds of ammunition, 6 magazines
  • Plenty of water and a lunch

Course Objectives:

  • Accuracy with an emphasis on sight alignment and Trigger control
  • Ready up drills which will combine accuracy with quick target acquisition
  • Engaging multiple targets
  • The basics of home defence with your rifle and how which strategy to employee in your specific (going room to room, staying put, what kind of ammo to use, retrieving children)
Course duration will be 5 hours with a one hour luch break

Course fee: $100

Advanced Rifle

Things to bring:

  • Yourself and a good attitude
  • 1000 rounds of ammunition, six magazines, your rifle
  • Plenty of water and lunch

Course learning objectives:

  • Refresher on ready up drills
  • Refinement of multiple target engagement
  • Combat mag changes
  • Shooting from different positions (standing, sitting, prone)
  • Barricade Work
  • Shooting from different angles in different body positions
  • “Running and gunning”

Course duration will be 6 hours with an hour break for lunch

Course fee: $125

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